For students and professionals who are interested in studying object-oriented programming ideas using the C++ programming language, the OOP (Object-Oriented Programming) using C++ book Complete by IT series is a thorough resource. Classes, objects, inheritance, polymorphism, and templates—along with other basic principles of object-oriented programming—are all thoroughly explained in this book.

Each portion of the book, which covers a distinct topic of object-oriented programming, is separated into different subsections. The book’s early chapters address fundamental ideas like data types, control structures, and functions, while its latter chapters deal with more complex subjects like file handling, exception management, and the Standard Template Library (STL).

This book’s inclusion of several examples and programming exercises to aid readers in practicing and solidifying their comprehension of the ideas covered in each chapter is one of its strongest points. The exercises are meant to be difficult but manageable, and the book includes answers to all of them at the end of each chapter.

To assist readers, gauge their comprehension of the content presented in each chapter, the book also includes review questions and quizzes in addition to the programming tasks. Because of this, the book might be a helpful resource for students getting ready for C++ object-oriented programming tests or certifications.

Overall, the IT series’ OOP using C++ book is a useful tool for anybody interested in learning object-oriented programming using the C++ language. The book offers a strong basis for further research and practice in this significant topic and is presented in a straightforward and comprehensive way.

You can download OPP using C++ book by IT Series from the link below.


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