About Us

DAE  is designed specifically for the students of diploma holders and it will provide the best educational stuff for them. It will also provide the DAE / B-Tech / BSc Engineering Technology / BSc Engineering related job updates. You can also find the latest UDEMY free courses coupons everyday. Moreover, You will get different books from our website which includes INFORMATIVE BOOKS, ENGINEERING BOOKS, ISLAMIC BOOKS etc.

FS — Founder & CEO.

Our Story

We observe the DAE education system very deeply especially in private sector, mostly students were taught without developing their concepts. At the end, student get top positions but without any conceptual study.

We are trying to give them conceptual things and make them successful in their life

Meet Our Lead Instructors

We initially have limited no. of instructor position. If you have the potential to deliver your conceptual knowledge then you are welcome to become a part of our team

Instructor - 1

Engineering Technologist

Instructor - 2

MA English

Instructor - 3

Engineering Technologist

Instructor - 4

Engineering Technologist

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What Our Students Have to Say

Thanks for this educational platform 🙂
From Faisalabad, Pakistan
Great work. Keep the good work up. Thumps up for you.
Angel Zoya
From Punjab, Pakistan
I found this platform very helpful specifically for DAE students, who are trying to find some knowledgeable source in this Covid pandemic.
Shining Star
From Lahore
Nice work. thanks
Ali Muhammad
From Karachi, PK
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