HAT / GAT Test Material for Graduate Engineering / Technologists

HEC announces the BATCH-III Scholarship for NTC registered Engineering Technologists and 30 May was the last date to apply. There were two prerequisites to avail this scholarship.

  1. You have done Bachelor of Engineering Technology from National Technology Council (NTC) accredited university and holding a valid NTC registration number in the field of Electrical, Electronics, Civil, Mechanical or related.
  2. You have to get at least 70% marks in HAT test which will be conducted by HEC .

All the students meeting 1st criteria, have applied for this scholarship and now waiting for the HAT test date which will be announced soon by HEC


Don’t waste your time in waiting the HAT test by HEC, rather consider yourself a confidence winner of this scholarship and make preparations for the following things which are compulsory to get this scholarship:

  1. Prepare Yourself for HAT Test
  2. Find Out the University
  3. Identify the Field of Study in that specific University
  4. Prepare Yourself for the prerequisites of that University
  5. Prepare your VISA documents
  6. Other supportive documents

All these above points are very important factors to avail this scholarship opportunity. You have to meet all these requirements before you get finalized for this opportunity.

There may be some other points also which are necessary to complete according to the selected country / university. 

In this article we are specifically enlightening the material for the preparation of HAT test. We will provide the assistance to all our graduate fellows to get at lease 70% marks.

In this regard, we are providing the helping material of HAT / GAT test. By practicing these past papers and some other informational material, anyone can get good marks.

We will also train our fellows in ” How to attempt HAT ” test because without using the technique no one can even manage to attempt all questions.

You can download all the related material for HAT / GAT preparation from the following link.

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