The Quran is commonly printed in the 16-line Quran-e-Pak, which has a legible typeface and the complete text of the holy book in Arabic. Each line in the book has a fixed number of characters, and there are 16 lines on each page. This ensures continuity from page to page.

Islam’s sacred book, the Quran, is regarded as Allah (God)’s last revelation to the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). Muslims throughout the globe regard the Quran as a holy document, making it the most significant book in the Islamic religion.

Muslims frequently utilize the 16 Line Quran-e-Paak to memorize, recite, and study. The book’s easy-to-read typeface makes it simple for readers to recite the Quran correctly with pronunciation and intonation. The book is frequently used for memorizing since readers may quickly memorize the material because of the book’s regular line length.

The fact that the 16-line Quran-e-Pak has Tajweed rules—the guidelines for reciting the Quran—is another significant aspect of the text. The art of reading the Quran with the proper stress, intonation, and pronunciation is known as Tajweed. The book has Tajweed symbols that aid readers in deciphering the proper tone and pronunciation of the text.

Overall, Muslims who want to learn, memorize, and study the Quran can benefit from the 16 Line Quran-e-Paak. Muslims all around the globe favor it because of the easily visible typeface, regular number of characters per line, and incorporation of Tajweed guidelines.

You can download 16-line QURAN-E-PAAK from the link below.


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