Coding using AI on Codiumate Agent platform


CodiumAI’s Codiumate Agent AI is an advanced artificial intelligence designed to assist users in coding-related tasks. It operates within an IDE, providing real-time support, error detection, and code optimization suggestions. The agent leverages deep learning algorithms to understand and generate code, making it an invaluable tool for developers looking to enhance productivity and code quality.

Now you can use AI for fast coding and can earn money in dollars. Goodby manual coding and work smartly. I will show you how to code easily using AI tool.


Codiumate agent is a new AI coding agent which can plan and auto complete your code easily. Just install it on your favorite IDE by clicking link below.

Coding using Codiumate AI
Coding using Codiumate AI
Coding using Codiumate AI


Now we will see how this AI agent works.

Open IDE on your computer and click on Codiumate Extension (As shown using errow)

Click on Mode

Click on Start a new Task

Give him instruction to code accordingly (Like shown in below picture)

Codiumate will guide you properly to write a code (As shown in below picture)


You can accept this code and complete guide if satisfied or you can request some changes using adjust the plan.


If you are satisfied with your instructions given to codiumate AI agent then click on ” Load Plan into auto-computer“. See the magic

Just start the code as suggested by codiumate agent on left side window and it will auto generate the rest code by pressing TAB key on your computer.


In conclusion, utilizing the Codiumate agent AI tool has proven to be a valuable asset in streamlining processes and improving efficiency. By leveraging this advanced technology, businesses can automate tasks, analyze data more effectively, and make informed decisions based on actionable insights. The Codiumate agent AI tool not only enhances productivity but also enables organizations to stay ahead of the competition in today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape. Embracing this innovative solution is key to driving growth, enhancing customer experiences, and achieving long-term success in the modern business environment.

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