Rasikh Academy has released a comprehensive Islamic book called Kitaab-ul-Azkaar that includes a selection of supplications, invocations, and prayers. The book, which is published in Urdu, is an important tool for Muslims who wish to learn more about and improve their understanding of Islamic prayer and devotion.

The book is divided into many sections, each of which includes supplications and invocations pertaining to a certain subject. There are parts on everyday supplications, prayers for special events like the Hajj, Umrah, and EID, and supplications for things like asking for forgiveness, defense against evil, and good health, among others.

The Kitaab-ul-Azkaar contains supplications and petitions drawn from the Quran, Hadith, and the sayings of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), which are considered to be the true sources of Islamic knowledge.

The book also explains the meanings and advantages of these supplications, as well as how to pronounce and recite them properly.

The Kitaab-ul-Azkaar also includes information on the benefits of supplication, the significance of remembering Allah, and the proper manners for prayer in addition to the supplications and invocations.

In general, Kitaab-ul-Azkaar is an important tool for Muslims who desire to strengthen their relationship with Allah and enhance their knowledge of and proficiency in Islamic prayer and devotion. Readers with various levels of Islamic knowledge and comprehension can access the book since it is written in an easy-to-understand manner.

You can download Kitaab Ul Azkaar book from the link below.



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