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If YOU are an Electrical Engineer then following quiz is for YOU


Electrical Engineering

Simple things to boost your creativity

Smart Series Quiz-1

These questions are taken from smart series book which covers all the subjects of Electrical Engineering and Technology Field

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Category: Telecommunications

1) Modulation index in amplitude modulation

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Category: Uncategorized

2) If the input capacitor of a power supply is shorted, it will result in

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Category: Power System Analysis

3) There are ____ types of dependent sources, depending on the controlling variable and output of the source.

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Category: Power Plant

4) If field resistance of DC shunt generator is increased beyond its critical value, the generator

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Category: Electrical Machines

5) Radio frequency chokes are air cored to

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Category: Power Transmission and Distributions

6) For which purpose bundled conductors are employed to a power system

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Category: Uncategorized

7) Which of the following ideas means deciding at runtime what strategy to summon?

We have to maintain flatness of the surface.

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Category: Power System Analysis

8) Which of the following are considered as disadvantages(s) of Gauss-Seidel method over Newton Raphson method in load flow analysis?

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Category: Electroncis

9) SCR (Silicon Controlled Rectifier) goes into saturation, when gate-cathode junction is

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Category: Electrical Machines

10) Fundamental property used in single node pair circuit analyzer is that ______ across all elements is same.

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Category: Electroncis

11) Discrete device field effect transistor is classified on the basis of their

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Category: Electroncis

12) A semiconductor device is connected in a series circuit with a battery and a resistance. If the polarity of battery is reversed, the current drops almost to zero. The device may be

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Category: Uncategorized

13) Drop out to cut off ratio for most relays is of the order of

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Category: Uncategorized

14) Power in AC circuit is found by

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Category: Probability

15) What is the probability of a number “2” when a dice is thrown?

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Category: Uncategorized

16) Fourier series are infinite series of elementary trigonometric functions i.e. Sine and

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Category: Uncategorized

17) At very sunny places this source(s) of energy can be found

We have to maintain flatness of the surface.

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Category: DC Machines

18) The Pole Shoes of DC Machines are fastened to the pole core by:

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Category: Power Electroncis

19) If the firing angle in an SCR rectifier is decreased, output will be

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Category: Uncategorized

20) Which line is obtained by the method of least square?

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Category: Electrical Machines

21) A transformer transforms

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Category: Power Plant

22) Landfill gas is actually _______ used in thermal power plants.

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Category: Singal and Systems

23) The _____ time signal is described for all values of time.

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Category: Uncategorized

24) Conjunction x ^ y behaves on digits 0 and 1 exactly as ____ does for ordinary algebra.

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Category: Power System Analysis

25) The quantity “Rm” which relates dependent voltage to controlling current is called

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Category: Power Transmission and Distributions

26) Which of the following conditions relate line resistance ‘R’ and line reactance ‘X’ for maximum steady state power transmission on a transmission line?

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Category: Uncategorized

27) Admittance is the reciprocal of

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Category: Power Plant

28) The average fossil fuel plant convers about is ______ % of the power going in to the power going out.

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Category: Power Plant

29) ______ is a by-product of paper industry, which is used by many industries as a primary source of electricity.

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Category: Singal and Systems

30) Main purpose of modulation process is to

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